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Ajax Stands for the Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Asynchronous means that something happens to the page after it loads.

AJAX is a strategy for making quick and dynamic website pages.

It is not a new programming language, but a new way to use existing standards.

Traditionally we need to reload the whole page, if some content has to change.

Ajax exchanges information with the server scripting and can refresh parts of a web page

without reloading the entire page. An Ajax call can be achieved using JavaScript, or jQuery.

Ajax is used on the client-side server scripting. It can used to prevent modifying with the display and behavior of an entire loaded page. It thereby helps immensely improve the web page performance.

Along with text and variables, JSON is often used nowadays, as a format for input and output data for AJAX calls.

Testing & Debugging

HTML and CSS can venture in, to increase and style data.

AJAX applications are program and platform autonomous.

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