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Social connect and sharing with facebook has become an inseparable part of everyday life.

From common people, students, working professionals, home makers to business managers,administrators and owners, discuss and share over facebook.

For Websites and businesses, having and Providing a facebook page, is now a basic part of their functioning and spread.

As also, ensuring the presence of login with facebook identity for any login, and commenting on blogs part, is now an integral part for any web-site.

With time, the extending of many other facebook features, facebook-like button to start with, has become the norm for web-sites and businesses.

Facebook provides an interface for website builders to help implement all the above and more.

The making available of all these features is where Facebook development starts.

The facebook features as a collection, are called Social Plugins. Let us know more about these :

Like button:

A website reader can instantly express his appreciation of any page or content.

Share button:

enables sharing of website content with friends, groups.

Facebook Pile:

Display of a photographs, of people liking a site or page, as a small collection. This box is a snapshot of

facebook-profile photographs of people liking a page or content.

The presence of this pile is now vital for any page or content.

Like Box:

Is used to have a fan page. Having facebook fans page for your website helps multiply your web presence and acceptability, among not merely your friends and groups, but a more widespread reach. More fans, more satisfactions, more opportunities, more revenues.

Facebook comments:

For e-commerce sites, users can record their reviews of products, using facebook comments. Facebook reviews is important part of brand-building, for any product.

Recommendations Feed:

Enables conveying to users, of the most recommended content of a website.

Activity Feed:

Share the most interesting, recent activity occurring on your site.

Follow Button:

A useful way of hooking in customers. This button enables subscribing to your public updates.

Send Button:

Allow users to send privately, content from your site to their friends.

The facebook platform, hence, is a strong medium for any enterprise, towards enhancing its social brand strategy.


Over a billion users. Around 550 million of them using apps. It is imperative your site or business to go in for a facebook app.

The real power of facebook development, is the development of facebook apps.

Our Facebook team, is experting at managing the development cycle of Facebook applications, Facebook-app in short.

We are passionate about developing a unique and customized experience for your brand,web-site or business with facebook apps.

How our apps bring in the face-change for your business

We expertise in building interactive and flexible apps with charming user interface.

Build brand loyalty.

Motor on site-engagement and social growth.

Towards highly personalized experience, web compatible apps.

Defining roadmaps, for ensuring feature-rich and robust application.

Optimized for lasting and growing prospect-connect.

Easy to upgrade and have additional features.

Why choose our facebook solution

Whether it be a simple one or an large scale application, we pay thorough attention to detail... for tailoring to individual needs is at the heart of our development.

We help effectively drive your business knowledge and information across your audiences.

We ensure we are not violating Facebook's ever changing legal and policy positions.

EdgeRank, Facebook's algorithm which determines which posts and apps are seen on the News Feed is always on our radar.

We integrate new feature like Open graph:

which enables creation of custom stories specific to your app.


We also build facebook games:

gain immediate user attention for branding as well as entertainment.


People on Facebook can feel comfortable buying with their Facebook credentials and storing their payment information with Facebook.

Facebook Payments is available internationally and supports 80+ payment methods in 55+ currencies. We can help optimize the performance of your business and create a native feeling user checkout experience by implementing a pricing strategy tailored to regional markets.


Increase installation of your app and reach a larger audience by enhancing and growing your app. Achieve all this with our Facebook Ads. Also, reach new customers and grow your business online and in store, with the help of our Ads.

If you are interested in availing our services for your project, kindly access the link provided and complete the accompanying form.