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The Ionic Framework (often referred to as Ionic) is number of things, but primary feature is that it provides a set of user interfaces that are missing from HTML but are common on mobile app. Imagine we are building a weather application development that shows current conditions based on the user’s location.

Ionic framework along with angularjs makes hybrid mobile application application as single page application.single page application is web app that load a single HTML and dynamically update that page as the user interacts with the app.

What is ionic

Ionic framework, an HTML5 mobile application development framework targeted at building hybrid mobile application. Hybrid app is essentially small website running in a browser shell in an app that have access to the native platform layer. Hybrid app have many benefits over pure native app, specifically in terms of platform support, speed of development, and access to 3rd party code.

Think Ionic framework as the front-end UI framework that handles all of the look, feel, UI interactions your app needs in order to be compelling. Kind of like "Bootstrap for Native," but with support for a broad range of common native mobile components, slick animations, and beautiful design.

Unlike a responsive framework, Ionic framework comes with very os-styled mobile UI elements, layouts that you'd get with a native SDK on iOS or Android but didn't really exist before on the web. Ionic framework also gives you some opinionated but powerful ways to build mobile applications that eclipse existing HTML5 development frameworks.

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1.4 Ionic developers Hyderabad?

Hybrid mobile application frameworks are not new, there are number of options available, but ionic-framework brings a new or important set of improvements. Until recently, smart phones were still relatively sluggish. Only native application could deliver the performance as well as experience many developers wanted or needed. Mobile platform makers had not made browsers as fast as the native platforms. All of that has changed as devices have become more powerful, platforms have improved, new tools like ionic-framework make it possible to build amazing hybrid app. we as ionic developers hyderabad, had good understanding of ionic-framework and executed end to end solutions on ionic.

1.4.1 Why ionic-framework best for developers?

Ionic is able to provide an experience built into the hybrid application development looks, feels, performance like platform application. The long-standing argument that platform application is the only way to get fast application has been proven wrong. People expect their mobile application to be fast, smooth, intuitive, which ionic-framework application provide.

Build application with the web platform. Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, developers can make hybrid application development behave like platform application.

1.4.2 Why Ionic-framework good for managers/owners

When I began to use ionic-framework I had to make the argument about why it was the right choice over other options. In a short presentation I made the following case for Ionic.

Ionic covers all the bases.

Ionic is open source.

Ionic has a dedicated team.

Ionic development is fast.

Ionic is fun.

Selecting Ionic is a good move for managers who want to ensure they have a solid platform that is well supported and their team can quickly leverage to build hybrid app.

1.4.3 Why Ionic good for your customers

Ionic provides developers the foundation and tools needed to build up great app. Building on the benefits above, it allows hybrid application to offer:

Native experience. With Ionic, hybrid application development would be created with a look, feel that is like the native application, making it easier to use the application.

Performance. The performance with Ionic framework is comparable to native application, the better 12 the application performs the happier customers will be.

Beautiful design.

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