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CakePHP is a free, open source development framework for PHP. It acts as a foundation for developing web applications, in a flexible, structured manner.

It enables focusing on the logic of application while segregating the routine tasks, which are common to every web-application.

Why we use CakePHP?

CakePHP framework is compatible with HTML Forms, Java Scripts, AJAX and other development tools. Our developers help you get access to flexible caching and ACL modules as well as smart localization processes and smoother web development tools.

Our experts, provide comprehensive cakephp web development solutions across a wide range of industry verticals. We create robust and speedy web applications to address your specific business needs and requirements.

What we can do for CakePHP Development?

Using CakePHP have your Web Application developed Faster and Simpler.

Towards complete customer satisfaction, Our cakephp developers always put in the best of efforts, so you can be ensured of high level performance. To eliminate redundancies, Testing and optimization of the code is also a part of the roadmap.

Once you CakePHP developer, you could have robust and dynamic websites whenever you want.

Smart modules and plug-ins for social networking portals and e-commerce websites.

Open source codes for Web 2.0, job and other business portals.

CakePHP shopping cart and CMS development, and Payment gateway integration.

CakePHP customization, maintenance, integration and upgradation.

CakePHP extendibles and applications for faster E-Commerce growth and profitability.

Server deployment and configuration.

Template Design and Development.

SEO Friendly PHP Web Application Development.

Features of CakePHP :-

1. Compatible with versions 4 and 5 of PHP.

2. CRUD available for database operation.

3. MVC architecture, and Reduced cost of website designing.

4. Request dispatcher with clean, custom URLs and routes.

5. Reduced usage of codes.

6. In built validations, with view helpers for AJAX, JavaScript, HTML forms.

7. Email, Cookie, Security, Session, and Request Handling Components.

8. Data Sanitization.

9. Flexible Caching.


11. Pagination and REST.

What We offering in CakePHP?

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