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Moodle is an open source, free community based e-learning platform for developing an e-learning website, Learning Management System (LMS).

Now a day’s Moodle is most popular and reliable for developing a e-learning website or LMS.

Moodle is designed to help educators create online courses with opportunities for rich interaction. Its open source license and modular design means that people can develop additional functionality.

Moodle is the most widely used course management system.

Moodle can be used to create online learning sites or e-learning portals.

Moodle is an opensource web application built in PHP.

As it is opensource, Moodle can be customized whether it is about modifying the existing features in Moodle or write separate additional functionalities on Moodle as plug-ins.

Moodle can be used as the front-end itself in case of publically open e-learning portal or can be integrated with intranet applications as internal learning management system. E-learning businesses, universities, institutes, industrial training centres, private coaching classes and even corporates are using Moodle as their preferred e-learning platform or LMS platform.

Even those who already have a Learning Management System in place often need help understanding all of the options they have when it comes to planning for managed hosting, LMS migration, integration or development of custom functionality or design.

Moodle can be used to conduct quizzes, and online exams for schools and colleges.

Moodle is popular wolrd-wide, although in India it is not known much or used.

We have extensive expertise in Moodle open source development, Learning Management system.

We have expertise to deliver high customization to run your School on Moodle and satisfy your existing Learning Systems' Workflow.

We create Moodle Custom Design, SCORM Courses, Moodle Plugin,Customize Moodle's existing to match your School workflow.

We can help to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process, to create and deliver content, monitor student participation, and assess student performance.

Our Expertise in Moodle suggestions

Moodle Customization.

SCORM compliant.

Moodle Learning System Development.

Moodle Dedicated Programming Service.

Application Development with Moodle.

E-Learning with Moodle.

Moodle Templates and Custom Design.

Extensions Development.

Moodle Plug-in Development.

Moodle Modules Development.

Moodle Website Maintenance.

Moodle Custom Modules Integration.

XHTML/CSS Enhancements.

Custom Payment Gateway (Bank Processors or Payment Processors).

Features of Moodle

Block layout.

Sticky blocks.


Groups Development.

Course backup Facility.

Forum Management.

Quiz Reports Facility.

Language Options.


Enrolment Plug-ins.

Database Module.

Reports Management.

Formatting options.

IMS content package.

Hive integration.

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