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If you are a business owner you have to consider PhoneGap for your hybrid apps development projects. Problem with mobile application development is platform. There are multiple platforms and you should develop application should be developed in the native programming language of that platform to run.

Different platforms use different languages with API's, so if you develop applications for android it won't run on iPhone vice versa. If you want to develop application for all platforms it is very costly and time consuming. PhoneGap can save lot of time plus money because you are building app once and with minor adjustments it can be run on all the platforms.

PhoneGap supports all major platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, blackberry, symbian etc

PhoneGap app development tools support for various application programming interfaces like Accelerometer, Geo location, media, network, notifications, camera, storage etc. with these supporting API's development are still able to tap in many of devices build in features.

PhoneGap is an open source framework for building cross-platform mobile applications with HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Our PhoneGap App Development Company provide end-to-end consultancy and integration services to enterprises over entire IT software setup across software systems, web interfaces, mobile devices to support on-demand access to business-critical information.

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