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ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library widely known for creating dynamic and highly responsive user interfaces. With a component-based architecture, ReactJs emerges as a very efficient solution for developing fast & scalable front-end for web and mobile applications.

Growth and Popularity of ReactJs:

ReactJs was created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook, in the year 2011.

Twitter, Netflix and Dropbox are just a few names from a massive list of tech giants who have used ReactJs for their web apps.

Features of ReactJs:

Virtual DOM: Virtual DOM is one of the chief characteristics that facilitate fast and flexible application development using ReactJs.

JSX: JSX stands for JavaScript XML. It is a markup syntax that is very similar to HTML and is used to describe the appearance of an application’s UI.

One-Way Data Binding: One of the major reasons why you should choose ReactJs for your next project is its one-way data flow. ReactJs uses a unidirectional data flow. Meaning, the developers cannot edit any component directly. They have to utilize the callback function in order to make changes in the components. This process is called one-way data binding.

React Native: React Native is a custom renderer for ReactJs. Instead of using web components, React Native uses native components. React Native converts the React code to make it compatible with Android and iOS platforms. On top of that, it also provides access to the native features of these platforms.

Component-Based Architecture: The architecture of ReactJs is component-based. In other words, the UI of a React-based mobile or web application is divided into multiple components. Each component has its own specific logic. The logic is written in JavaScript instead of using templates. This enables ReactJs developers to pass the data throughout the application without affecting the DOM.

Why You Should Choose ReactJs For Your Next Project?

Key Benefits:

Speed and Efficiency: Why do we use ReactJs? For its speed and efficiency. ReactJs makes it possible for the developers to use individual parts of the application on the client-side as well as the server-side.

Flexibility: ReactJs is very different from other large monolithic frameworks. Due to a modular structure, its code is flexible and easy to maintain. This makes the applications more scalable and saves time & money of the enterprise in the long run.

Performance: The main objective of ReactJs development services is to provide high application performance. Some of the core features of ReactJs, such as a virtual DOM and server-side rendering, help in creating large-scale and complex apps that run incredibly fast.

ReactJs Mobile Development: One of the major benefits of using ReactJs for web development is React Native, a framework for mobile app development. Since the framework is based on ReactJs, JavaScript developers can easily shift to React Native and create mobile apps with a native look & feel.

SEO: An online business heavily relies on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for its presence in the online market. The backend rendering in React JS websites significantly reduces the load time which makes them better optimized for search engines.

Strong Community Support: The large ecosystem of ReactJs is one of the reasons why you should choose ReactJs for your next project. Since it was launched by Facebook, ReactJs is still supported by the company.

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