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Aapthi Technologies is using Unity game programming and building a 2D and 3d game designing and development without any fail and also aapthi technologies is one of the best Unity 3d Development Company in Hyderabad.

Unity 3d game platform is used to develop quality 3d video games for kids and desktop platforms video games, web consoles and smart mobile devices. Unity 3D is one of the most powerful game engines available and we are building an excellent place to start making unity 3d games by using simple C# programming.

Start game development with unity3D actually is the union of A game engine, that allows game created to run in different unity 3d environments.

A code editor (the one provided is MonoDevelop, but developers can use others). How is Unity 3D useful to game developers for Develop Unity 3d games

We have a passion for 2d and 3d unity game Designing and wish to create our imagination in to reality. This Unity 3D game covers a extensive knowledge of game design required by the gaming industry to be successful as Game Designer, Game Developer.


Hangover Studios is a leading and most cost-effective offshore game development company.

We have Highly Experienced Unity3D developers with good Hands On experience to build 3d games.

We have Dedicated game design and art team.

End-to-end solution design, art, development, testing, publishing and post launch support.

Experience in developing wide variety of Unity 3D games along various genres such as casual games, social games, strategy games, puzzle games, action games, educational games and board games.


We have some expertise in making a one of a kind affair for customers through our work in the field of creating interactive augmented and virtual reality applications.

The virtual gaming industry now starting new world in animation with games to write coding & development by using in Unity 3D with C# programming is must, Game industry and gaming working experience in android and iOS Platform.

Consistently develop game features of high level quality, on several platforms, by gathering client requirements, designing solutions, implementing robust code, testing and debugging.

1. Strong expertise in Unity3D; expert in C# and JS

2. Knowledge and expertise making AR and VR Applications

3. Working Knowledge in Devices like Oculus, HTC Vive, Microsoft HoloLens, Smart Glasses. Etc.,

4. Knowledge and expertise making networked multiplayer games (UNET, Photon or uLink is a plus)

5. Knowledge and expertise in both 2D and 3D game development.

6. Experience with WebServices for things like authentication, player data, etc. (RESTful HTTP data services)

7. Has implemented analytics/Game Analytics or other BA tools into a game.

8. Has implemented saved game data, like player progress, in a structured and extensible format like JSON or XML

9. Has launched one or more titles on VR, AR stores, iOS, Android, Web and Steam.

10. Experience building and maintaining large projects and code bases, like virtual worlds

11. Design and development of best-in-class mobile social games


Full-HD graphics

Stunning Visuals


Modern browsers




Playstation 3

Xbox 360





Unity 3d Game Development Virtual Reality:

Animation + Unity

Film and Animation


cinematic project

Strategy, RPG, Casual Games

2D, 3D, Isometric games

Music & Audio based Games

Integration with social media

Business Logic for game-play

Ergonomic Gamification

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