Services / Website Maintenance Hyderabad

In the lifetime and usage of a web-site by users and clients, maintenance plays a crucial role, after the initial launch and burst. Maintenance would mean, Updating content, adding new pages, or improving the website graphical look and overall credibility towards boosting the existing on-line presence of any enterprise or business.

Static web sites, or web-sites with dynamic server-side programming, it is vital to upgrade to and include new client side scripting technologies, and programming platforms, frameworks, while confirming to the latest web and development standards. Result oriented websites need to employ most recent web trends.

A website has to Update important dynamic sections like News, Jobs, Tenders, Offers, Events, Photo gallery, etc.

What we can do ?

Whether be it that we you are not in touch with the company which originally developed your site, or you have developed a website in-house but do not have the time, tools or expertise to develop it further, we can step in,to extend web-site maintenance and management support.

Our creative design & development team always focuses on achieving best results from website redesign services.

We ensure that your site is always up-to-date, stands ahead in continuous changing competitive market,while at the same time , your Internet marketing campaign is within budget.

Through our web-site maintenance and management, we ensure complete protection of your website, with constant site-optimization. Also, we are adept at meeting the changing needs of your website, both immediate and long-term,and technically and content-wise.

We assure Defined SLAs that facilitate quick and timely updates.

Our web-site maintenance efforts would include :


Designing, developing additional web pages.

Placing in new,updated content.

Bug fixing and repairing programs.

Change database and forms.

Checking and updating links.

Adding/changing/deleting email addresses and other contact information.

Replace images - Pictures & graphics.

Home Page flash and communications update Announcements, articles, etc.

Hosting on high-performance servers.

Technical support.

SEO promotion.

Work on statistics of website.

Managing regarding security issues.